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The Siberian Branch Portal

The Siberian Branch Portal is a part of the Integrated Information System of the Siberian Branch project.

This project is aimed at the design of an integrated information medium for the users within the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and for our external partners. The integrated information medium should foster collaboration between the scientific groups of the geographically distributed scientific community of the Siberian Branch. The integrated medium will facilitate interdisciplinary research and support the transfer of technology.

At the moment the development of the integrated information system is being centered around the following two goals.

  1. Systematization of the informational resources accumulated to date and the development of the Siberian Branch Portal ( as the centralized access point to all informational resources within the Siberian Branch.
  2. The development of a distributed information system, that includes a number of heterogeneous information sources, such as web-servers, ftp-servers, LDAP directories and databases.

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