Fryhtan Strategy Guide
With Thanks to the All High Fryhtan Master, Earl J. Young

An Introduction to Fryhtan Gameplay

The Fryhtans are the monsters of Seven Kingdoms II and considered to be evil as they prey on human beings to drain them of their life force. The gameplay of playing a Fryhtan Kwyzan is significantly different than that of playing a Human Kingdom, in that the Fryhtans do not have a reputation and actually get rewarded for performing atrocities and heinous acts of violence.

The Fryhtan Hierarchy

General Tactics for Playing Fryhtans

The Fryhtans

Bregma (The Masters of  Insects)

Exovum (The Masters of  Magic)

Ezpinez (The Masters of  Weaponry)

Grokken (The Masters of  Mountains)

Kerrassos (The Masters of  Animals)

Kharshuf (The Masters of  Plants)

Minotauros (The Masters of Alchemy)


The Fryhtan Hierarchy                                                                                        Back 

The All High is the main leader, similar in respects to a Human King. There can only be one All High at any one time, and while the Fryhtans do not have reputations, they do have loyalty, so losing an All High can send their loyalties plummeting. (Warning: If any Fryhtan is outside and their loyalty reaches zero, they will simply disappear.) The All High is best kept at the main lair to train others.

The Ordos are leaders directly under the reign of the All High and they mainly lead and train squads of Crouls or Animals to boost their combat effectiveness. If the All High ever dies, one of the Ordos would be the best choice to take the All High ruler position, though any Fryhtan Unit can be an All High or an Ordo. Their leadership skill will increase and further develop if they are training others or taking command of a squad in battle.

The Crouls are any and all other Fryhtans that are not Ordos or the All High and make up the bulk of the Fryhtan Kwyzan. They usually have low leaderships that do not tend to develop further unless they are put in command as an Ordo.

The Animals are unintelligent beasts of burden that the Fryhtans control, to help bolster their own fighting force. They have no morale or leadership and can never be but in command positions..


General Tactics for Playing Fryhtans                                                              Back

The Fryhtan Rush

Some of the stronger and more durable of Fryhtans are capable of a tactic which we like to call the "Fryhtan Rush", whereby the starting Fryhtans attempt to crush an enemy kingdom early on in the game, usually most effective on a human kingdom. The Fryhtan Rush is highly dependent on the starting location of each player and how close they are to each other. If a Fryhtan Rush opportunity presents itself against a human opponent, start by having your Fryhtans attacking the population as far from their fort as possible and try to draw civilians and soldiers out away from their forts and villages. If it turns out that you cannot utterly destroy the kingdom, do as much damage as possible to the population to cripple them, and retreat back to the safety of your lair. This tactic is advantageous in that you are attacking them before they can establish any sort of viable defense but also very risky in that if you are unsuccessful, you might lose the entire game, with not enough forces, money or Life Points to continue. Another advantage in attacking a human player kingdom is that their civilians will always be minimum in hit points (20 HP) while other independent villages may be considerably higher (20-200 HP) depending on what option the game's resistance is set to.

Using and Abusing Humans

While the humans think the Fryhtans are little more than animals, the Fryhtan's outlook on humans are that they are little more than livestock. Humans provide Fryhtans with their primary source of life points and cash flow which is necessary for the Fryhtans to continue expansion and further development of their Kwyzan.

Fryhtans can enslave humans by attacking independent villages, until their resistance reaches zero, at which point the Fryhtans will automatically stop attacking. The enslaved village will then offer a tribute year round while there is an Ordo or All High in a Lair connected to the village. The amount of tribute can be checked by clicking on the enslaved village and is dependent on the leadership of the Ordo or All High and how many people are actually still alive from that particular village.

If for some reason, the independent village is not desirable for enslavement, attack the zero resistance village until it is destroyed. Civilians may actually join the Fryhtans, rather than face ultimate destruction. The humans can then be used to build structures available to their nationality, but be warned that they may betray you at any moment due to their low loyalties. Use them while you can or pay them tribute to keep their loyalties high.

Human buildings can be attached to and operated by enslaved villages, such as Towers of Science, War Factories, Mines and Factories (only if fortunate enough to have a mineral resource nearby), and even Seats of Power (if you are lucky enough to find the proper Scroll of Power).

Enslaved villages will grow very slowly if at all, but if ever your Fryhtans need a small dose of Life Points instead of money, feel free to feed on your livestock. They will not fight back. It is not necessary to utterly destroy them, but take only what you need.

Fryhtans Are NOT Expendable

No Fryhtan should ever be considered expendable and critically damaged units should be retreated back to safety if at all possible as they are extremely costly in both money and Life Points. Most Fryhtans are easily capable of retreating when fighting humans as Fryhtans are usually so much faster than their initial infantrymen. The experience they have gained can only be beneficial and even a Fryhtan near death can train other units back at the lair, or be trained further themselves.

Purchasing the Loyalties of an Independent Lair

More than likely, there are going to be several types of independent Frythan lairs available throughout the game. To purchase the loyalties of a particular lair, first build a lair connecting it to the one in question. Then place an Ordo or All High inside your connected lair and select the independent lair. Press the icon to pay tribute and the cost of their loyalties will be shown in gold. (Note: You can get an independent lair cheaply at this point by attacking the lair. When they all come out to do battle, you can then pay a cheap $2000 to take their lair and the remaining independent Fryhtans will then disappear.)


THE FRYHTANS                                                                                              

BREGMA (The Masters of Insects)Bregma                                                              Back

The Bregma Fryhtans are a monstrous form of insectoid life and they often use other forms of mutated giant insects, called the Bheema and the Tarmes, to bolster their own armies. They are quick in movement, attacking, and in using their special "Spiny Butterfly" melee attack. Their training costs are the least expensive of all Fryhtans but they are also the weakest of the Fryhtans, both offensively and defensively, plus they do not have any ranged attack capabilities (unless you count the Bheemas).

(Tactical Notes: The best tactics for the Bregma is to swarm its opposition with overwhelming numbers of cheap troops. Unfortunately, since these Fryhtans are so weak, it is usually not possible to do so early in the game, making the "Fryhtan Rush" suicidal. The Bregma Crouls are their main melee force and need to bolster their meager hit points either by training in a lair or by actual combat. They gain their special melee attack which I call "Spiny Butterfly" when they achieve a Combat Skill of at least 40 points. When clearly outmatched in battle, the best tactic is to flee and regroup as they are nearly capable of outrunning Human Cavalry and can clearly outdistance any Human Infantry. Consider the animal units, Bheema and Tarmes, to be support units only, as they are best used tactically in certain situations as described in further detail below. Enslave villages for money instead of destroying them for Life Points as the Bregma need large amounts of money throughout the game to support their vast numbers and they require very few life points respectively with the exception of the initial research.)

Bregma Fryhtans can be trained in Bregma Lairs for $140 plus 70 Life Points in 20 days.

Bregma Animals


The Bheema are giant killer bees which die upon stinging their victims, but deal a massive amount of damage in the process. They are the quickest of all creatures and the only creatures in the game that have the capability of flight, which allow them to ignore the effects of any terrain features.

(Tactical Notes: The Bheema can also attack buildings, as well as villages, but with slightly less effectiveness. Best used in swarms to take out leaders of formations. Be sure to right-double-click to force the attack on your target so they do not get distracted by other attackers or use the Stand Your Ground Mode. They are quick and sturdy enough that even a ranged defense against their attack is near impossible. They are also quite capable in assisting others in the destruction of those pesky armed human fortifications.)

Bheema Hyfe must be researched and built before Bheemas can be produced.

Bheema Hyfe research cost is 1000 Life Points per Level with 3 Levels Total.

(Note: Each level of research increases the minimum amount of Bheema damage by 15 HP.)

Bheemas can be trained in Bheema Hyfes for $70 plus 10 Life Points in 20 days.


The Tarmes is a giant termite which has an appetite for wood and deals considerable damage to wooden constructs, especially buildings, walls and war machines. They are nearly the slowest creatures in the game, both in movement and in attacks.

(Tactical Notes: The Tarmes are ineffective against any non-wooden units in the game, doing minimal damage if any at all. Best used in swarms to take down the walls of independent or enemy villages, with a followup support force of Bregma to engage the civilians or warriors. The Tarmes can then focus on a nearby building or village wall, rather than slowly retreating to the nearest lair. They are the least expensive animals in the game and therefore expendable. Use them immediately as further training of them has little effectiveness other than the slight gaining of hit points.)

Tarmes Mownd must be researched and built before Tarmes can be produced.

Tarmes Mownd research cost is 1000 Life Points per Level with 3 Levels Total.

(Note: Each level of research increases the amount of damage (Min+3/Max+5) of Tarmes.)

Tarmes can be trained in Tarmes Mownd for $70 plus 10 Life Points in 20 days.


EXOVUM (The Masters of Magic)Exovum                                                                Back

The Exovum Fryhtans are monstrous bipedal lizards with magical tendencies. They are capable of channeling a wide variety of powerful spell abilities through structures called Mage Tors. Not only are they gifted in the magical arts, but they are gifted defensively with high Hit Points, as well as offensively, as they possess the quickest melee and ranged attack. They can also breathe fire and their ranged attacks can freeze their opponents for a short period of time. Their weaknesses are slight, with a training cost above average and a slower than average movement rate.

(Tactical Notes: There are many different tactics available to Exovum Fryhtans, as they are the most balanced and flexible of the Fryhtans with regards to strength, defense, speed and raw power. They are strong enough to engage in a "Fryhtan Rush" early in the game to take out an enemy player kingdom, though it is recommended to have at least one Mage Tor fully charged before doing so, to supplement their assault. They gain the use of their special melee "Firebreath" attack when they achieve a Combat Skill of at least 40 points and a powerful "Freezing" ranged attack at a Combat Skill of at least 70 points. The Exovum Fryhtans require vast amounts of Life Points throughout the game, especially if the Mage Tors spells are used to their fullest capabilities. The best way to accumulate Life Points for them is by destroying most independent villages rather than enslaving them, while keeping a few easily defended villages enslaved for additional funds.)

Exovum Fryhtans can be trained in Exovum Lairs for $220 plus 110 Life Points in 35 days.

Mage Tor

The Mage Tor is a structure that automatically renews magical energy slowly over time. When a Mage Tor is fully charged it is capable of channeling any spell researched, anywhere on the map, for a cost of Life Points.

(Tactical Notes: The Life Point Cost depends on the distance from the selected Mage Tor to the Target for each spell. The further the distance, the higher the cost. When a spell is selected, place the cursor over the target area and note the cost in life points in the right hand side of the screen. To lower the costs of each spell, simply build your Mage Tors closer to the enemy. Ideal positions for Mage Tors are near the center of the map, as this automatically cuts the distance of the entire map in half, allowing flexibility in dealing with multiple enemies from different directions. Build multiple Mage Tors if possible so that one is always fully charged and ready for use. To find your Mage Tors quickly hit the "F" hotkey and to move quickly between several available Mage Tors, press the "Home" or "End" hotkeys.)

Mage Tors can be built anywhere by the Exovum Fryhtans at a cost of $500 plus 100 Life Points.

(Note: Mage Tors cannot be built until at least one Magic Spell has been researched.)

Mage Tor's Magic Spells

Damage Building: Destroys half of the maximum number of Hit Points of targetted building.

(Tactical Notes: Casting this magic twice can potentially destroy any type of building, if they do not repair. Best when used to take out those pesky armed Forts before attacking or other buildings of significance, such as powerful MegaStructures and expensive Seats of Power. Be prudent in the use of the Damage Building spell, as it tends to use a significant amount of the Mage Tor charge, and the recharge rate is rather slow.)

Damage Buildings research cost is 1800 Life Points.

Freeze Units: Freezes all attackable units within a 9x9 square area for 15 days.

(Tactical Note: The Freeze Units spell uses very little of the Mage Tor energy and can keep enemy units frozen almost indefinitely as the Mage Tor will recharge back to maximum before they are unfrozen.)

Freeze Units research cost is 800 Life Points.

Damage Units: Damages all attackable units within a 9x9 square area for 100 HP Total, evenly distributed.

(Tactical Notes: Best used to soften large groups of opposition before or even during battle. The Damage Units spell can be quite high depending on the distance, so be sure to watch the life costs indicator. This spell can be used quickly and often as it drains very little energy from the Mage Tor.)

Wound Units research cost is 1200 Life Points.

Teleport Unit: Teleports a single selected unit to any map area selected.

(Tactical Note: The Teleport Unit spell is extremely useful in pulling out endangered or surrounded units back to an area of safety where they can heal in a lair. This spell ability can also be used to quickly explore the map when necessary. This spell drains a significant amount of energy from the Mage Tor so it may take time to fully recharge.)

Teleport Unit research cost is 800 Life Points.


EZPINEZ (The Masters of Weaponry)Ezpinez                                                           Back

The Ezpinez Fryhtans are tainted skeletal remains, possessed and driven on by a malignent spirit, that dispises and envies all forms of existing life. They scavenge from the dead, adding discarded metals, armour, and weapons to their own stripped down skeletal frames, heavily bolstering their offense and defense, but slowing them down significantly in the process. From the battlefield, they salvage damaged war machines left by humans and rebuild them into their own ghastly image.

(Tactical Notes: The Ezpinez Fryhtans can do a decent amount of damage with their melee attack, but their attacks are very slow making them seem ineffective in battle. They do gain a special "FireSword" melee attack at Combat Skill Level 50, but are mostly reliant on the powerful ranged attacks of their War Machines, which are cheap and deadly even at the initial levels of development. Furthermore, each additional level of development signficantly enhances their damage dealing capabilities and their construction requires no life points, only money. The best tactic for the Ezpinez is to research any War Machine, build a Vapngart and start cranking the War Machines out. Since the main fighting force requires no life points, except for further research and development, money should be the main concern, so enslaved all independent villages as soon as possible. Since the war machines are extremely slow and inexpensive and are obsolete once new technology breakthroughs have been made, they should be considered highly expendable. It is not even necessary to sortie them out as a squad with an Ordo as they do not actually possess a Combat Skill and therefore will be uneffected by their leadership.)

Ezpinez Fryhtans can be trained in Ezpinez Lairs for $200 plus 100 Life Points in 30 days.


The Vapngart is an advanced War Factory, similar to that of human design, capable of cheaply cranking out a variety of specially designed and extremely powerful War Machines, correspondingly to the research development.

Vapngarts can be built anywhere by the Ezpinez Fryhtan at cost of $500 plus 100 Life Points.

(Note: Vapngarts cannot be built until at least one War Machine has been researched.)


The Cobrez is an improvement on the Human Ballista, with the ability to fire serrated ballista bolts at a single enemy troop or a building. With additional levels of development, their reload and firing rate is faster than ever and do considerably more damage. Their movement rate is very slow but they are also extremely cheap in both research and in construction.

Cobrez research cost is 600 Life Points per Level with 3 Levels Total.

(Note: Each level of research increases Cobrez's damage by 4 HP and quickens attack by 1.)

Cobrez War Machines can be produced in the Vapngart Structure for $110 in 70 days.


The Peltez is an improved version of the Human Catapult, capable of hurling flaming balls of fire at the enemy. At later stages of development their bombardment damage increases and is effective over a localized area. They are amongst the slowest movers and attackers in the game, but are also one of the cheapest in construction costs for such power early in the game.

Peltez research cost is 1000 Life Points per Level with 3 Levels Total.

(Note: Each level of research increases Peltez's damage by 4-5 HP plus gains 3x3 area effect.)

Peltez War Machines can be produced in the Vapngart Structure for $110 in 90 days


The Nemezez War Machine is an improvement on the Human cannons or spitfires, shooting explosive charges that fill the battlefields with fire. With advanced levels of development, they are capable of the longest range, area effect bombardments available in the game. They are the slowest movers and attackers in the game, but once in range, the Nemezez is capable of doing considerable damage to enemy buildings, walls, and enemy troops. Their cost is slightly higher and take longer to build than that of Cobrez and Peltez, but is well worth the wait.

Nemezez research cost is 1400 Life Points per Level with 3 Levels Total.

(Note: Each level of research increases Nemezez's range by 1 and damage by 6 HP.)

Nemezez War Machines can be produced in the Vapngart Structure for $130 in 110 days


GROKKEN (The Masters of Mountains)Grokken                                                       Back

The Grokken Fryhtans are massive humanoid mountains composed of living stone and minerals which are actually capable of melding with each other to create mountain fortresses that are indistinguishable from any normal mountain. They have the most powerful of the melee and ranged attacks plus the highest defensive capabilities of all Fryhtans, but are also one of the slowest and least maneuverable of any unit due to their massive bulk. They are the most expensive units available in the game and the slowest to train, thus making their numbers few.

(Tactical Notes: The Grokken Fryhtans are at the greatest disadvantage early on in the game, due to their high costs in money and Life Points and it will only be possible to train a few new Crouls, taking 2 months each. There are only a few viable tactics available, depending on your situation. The first option is to find a highly defensible location away from enemy players, preferably near a mountain range, then to either train in seclusion or to enslave nearby independent villages to bolster your money and Life Points. The second option is to train units immediately, while your initial force is enslaving nearby independent villages, especially if the starting location is already decently defendable. The third option is to keep all Grokken Fryhtans inside their lair, training until they achieve a Combat Skill of at least 35 points which is when they acquire their ranged attack. (Note: They also get a powerful "Energy Boulder" special ranged attack at a 50 Combat Skill.) Without the ranged attacks, the Grokken Fryhtans are at a distinct disadvantage due to their low manueverability and slow speed. Do not let your Grokkens get surrounded, as they are so much larger, they can be attacked by more enemies in melee combat and are less likely to escape. Critically damaged units should retreat if possible back to a lair or to a group of undamaged Grokken Fryhtans where they can meld together into a Mountain Fortress and share their health (discussed in greater detail later). Each Grokken Fryhtan is so expensive that none of them should be considered expendable. Research is expensive too, but Fortress Level I is well worth the cost, if you have an excess of Life Points, if only to get the lifesharing capabilities, but leave the rest of the research alone until later in the game. Both money and Life Points are an excessive necessity for the Grokken Fryhtans, with money taking slightly higher priority, so enslave all independent villages possible.)

Grokken Fryhtans can be trained in Grokken Lairs for $400 plus 200 Life Points in 60 days.


The Fortress is created when any four Grokken Fryhtans meld together and by doing so, quickly build a mountainous structure with Hit Points comprised of their total combined health. This structure can hold up to four other non-human units, and those inside that are capable of firing ranged attacks, can do so from within, without danger of being attacked themselves.

(Tactical Notes: If any of the Grokken Fryhtans happened to be damaged at the time of Fortress creation, it is possible to repair the Fortress like any other building, thus healing the Fryhtans inside as well. If the Fortress is sold or the Grokken Fryhtans that created the Fortress withdraw from the meld, each Grokken Fryhtan will be of equivalent proportional health. Especially useful in getting critically damaged but highly skilled Grokken Fryhtans stabilized and back into the fight after melding.)

Fortress research cost is 1000 Life Points per Level with 3 Levels Total.

(Note: Each level of Fortress research increases the overall sturdiness of the structure.)

Camoflaged Fortress

This camoflage ability enables all Fortresses the capability of being indistinguishable from any other mountain.

(Tactical Notes: Best used for surprise attacks against human opponents or in defending nearby areas. Can also use to close off an area within an existing mountain range for defensive seclusion. Only when ranged attacks are fired from within, will the Camoflaged Fortress be revealed to the enemy.)

Camoflaged Fortress available when Fortress Level I is researched.

Camoflaged Fortress research cost is 1000 Life Points.


KERASSOS (The Masters of Animals)Kerassois                                                          Back

The Kerassos Fryhtans are demonic in nature with an affinity for animal life forms, namely the Jaguara, the Goril, and the Rhinokeros, and are capable of quickly luring them to their Keraal Structure where they can bind them to their will, thus bolstering their own ranks with inexpensive animal units. The Kerassos Fryhtans are fairly balanced in costs with regards to their offense and defense, possessing decently strengthed but rather slow melee and ranged attacks, though they are the fastest moving of all the Fryhtans.

(Tactical Notes: Even though the Kerassos Fryhtans are decent in combat and excellent scouts, they seem to be little more than support units for the animals which they control, supplementing the strengths of the animals in battle, with their leadership and ranged support. Basically, the Kerassos are the brains, while the animals are the bodies. There are many different tactics available to the Kerassos, the best of which is to research Rhinokeros as soon as possible, build a Keraal, possess the Rhinokeros animals when available and send them to the All High for training to bolster their Hit Points. Promote a Croul to an Ordo and sortie with a full squad of Rhinokeros, putting them in a protective square or circle formation, and start taking out independent villages or even enemy villages if possible. The Ordo will gain leadership extremely quick this way making the Rhinokeros even more effective. Keep expanding as quick as possible, building more Keraals enslaving villages. Do not worry too much about losing animals as they are inexpensive and easily replaceable, however a well trained Ordo is not expendable and should be returned to a lair to sortie with a new squad of animals. The Kerassos Fryhtans also acquire a powerful "DemonFire" melee attack at Combat Skill Level 60, but is rather difficult to use as they tend to resort to ranged attacks. The Kerassos Fryhtans require a balance of money for animals and Life Points for research, so it is best to enslave as many villages as possible, destroying a few that are not strategically located and focus on the enemy for your other needs through combat.)

Kerassos Fryhtans can be trained in Kerassos Lairs for $240 plus 120 Life Points in 35 days.


The Keraal is basically a trap where animals are lured, kept until needed, and ultimately their wills to be bound under the Kerassos Fryhtans' control. The Keraal fills up with animals at random depending on the type of lures researched and can be dominated immediately for a small cost of money and Life Points, corresponding to their Combat Skill Level and type of animal.

(Tactical Notes: It is best to take the animals as quickly as they arrive, as their Combat Skills will continue to increase while in the Keraal, thus adding to their monetary costs. Keep the Keraal empty if possible or at least try to keep the Keraal from getting full (maximum capacity of five animals) to keep a constant stream of animals coming in quickly.)

Keraals can be built anywhere by the Kerassos Fryhtans at a cost of $500 plus 100 Life Points.

(Note: Keraals cannot be built until at least one type of animal lure has been researched.)


The Jaguara are a species of large felines with a reputation of being the quickest of creatures, combined with an attack of ferocity that can stall even the most stolid of warhorses when they are hunting, but with tendencies of leaving huge gaps in their defense during their blood lust.

(Tactical Notes: The Jaguara makes an excellent inexpensive scout and decent combatants in large numbers, with the right leadership. Jaguara Level II are even faster, stronger, and more durable and can acquire a special ability "Roar" at Combat Skill Level 50 that is capable of scaring horses such as those in Human Cavalry, making them run amok, sowing chaos amongst the enemy ranks.)

Jaguara research is 1000 Life Points per Level with 2 Levels Total.

Jaguara can be acquired at the Keraal for a small monetary cost plus 20 Life Points.


The Goril are a species of large carnivorous apes with a particularly nasty temper. When so enraged, they have been known to stampede even elephants, not to mention other wildlife in the nearby vicinity. Their bulky frame makes them slow in moving about on land, but they are quick to react to any nearby threat, pounding and swiping with their heavily muscled longreaching arms with deadly intent.

(Tactical Notes: The Goril are excellent warriors striking hard and fast, but are amongst the slowest of creatures. Best used to take out nearby targets or as a defensive garrison. Goril Level II are slightly faster, stronger, more durable, and can also acquire a special "Outrage" attack at Combat Skill Level 50 that is capable of causing ALL types of Human Cavalry to lose their morale, thus losing control of their steeds.)

Goril research is 1000 Life Points per Level with 2 Levels Total.

Goril can be acquired at the Keraal for a moderate monetary cost plus 30 Life Points.


The Rhinokeros are a variety of massive mammals with skins so thick that it is almost armour and with a deadly horn atop their snouts. This particular species is extremely territorial, considering everyone they see to be invaders and have been known to charge down those unfortunate enough to get in their way, goring them with their horn at uncharacteristicly high speeds for a creature of this size.

(Tactical Notes: The Rhinokeros are a decently balanced unit all around, with a strong and quick melee attack, a strong defense, and are highly mobile. Recommended as the starting animal, even though they are higher in cost, as they are capable of competing with other Fryhtan units on the same Combat Skill Level for a mere fraction of their cost.)

Rhinokeros research is 1000 Life Points.

Rhinokeros can be acquired at the Keraal for a high monetary cost plus 40 Life Points.


KHARSHUF (The Masters of Plants)Kharshuf                                                            Back

The Kharshuf Fryhtans are a monstrous form of carnivorous plantlife, loosely shaped in a humanoid arrangement. Amongst their goals, seems to include the filling of the world with their shade of green, by planting comoflaged forests of selfpropogating man-eating acid-spitting plants, called Lishorr. The Kharshuf Fryhtans are dangerous as the spiny cacti, strong and sturdy as the mighty oaks, but with tendencies to only creep vinelike along the earth. Some of the older Kharshuf Fryhtans have even been known to discharge a green electical shock, caused by the high acid content in their juice fluids combined with the huge amounts of minerals absorbed from the earth. Each Kharshuf Fryhtan costs a significant amount of green.

(Tactical Notes: The Kharshuf Fryhtans are well balanced with a strong offense and defense, but are slow moving and high costing. They have one of the strongest melee attacks early on and gain a special "Sylvan Juice Shock" melee attack at a Combat Skill Level of 40 points but have no ranged attacks, relying on the Lishorr to provide short range attack support. It is best to research Lishorr I, Wilde Lishorr, and Camoflage as soon as possible and use them appropriately throughout, while continuing to build up a force of Kharshuf Fryhtans. They are strong enough early in the game to instigate a "Fryhtan Rush" assault upon an enemy player's kingdom if they are nearby when starting out. Best tactic is to stay put and expand outwards, enslaving villages, building forests of Lishorr and infiltrating enemy lands with Wilde Lishorr. Due to their slow speed, be warned that retreating may not be possible and that travelling any distance will take a significant amount of time, though All Kharshuf Fryhtans should be considered valuable and therefore nonexpendable. Kharshuf Fryhtans require an equal balance of money and Life Points.)

Kharshuf Fryhtans can be trained in Kharshuf Lairs for $240 plus 120 Life Points in 30 days.


The Lishorr are hearty, carnivorous, acid-spitting plants that are probably a mutated hybrid of Venus Fly Trap and Pitcher Plants. They are semi-intelligent in that they can distinguish between friend and foe.

(Tactical Notes: These Lishorr are best used as protection of Kharshuf lairs and enslaved villages as they are stationary and do not self-propogate.)

Lishorr Level I must be researched before Lishorr can be planted by Kharshuf Fryhtans.

Lishorr research cost is 1000 Life Points per Level with 3 Levels Total.

(Note: Each level of research increases the damage done by all Lishorr.)

Lishorr can be planted by Kharshuf for $500 plus 100 Life Points.

Wilde Lishorr

The Wilde Lishorr are also hearty, carnivorous acid-spitting plants with the capability of spreading across an area by germinating with other nearby plantlife and creating more Wilde Lishorr. They are uncontrollable and hostile to all life forms and buildings except for the Kharshuf Fryhtans.

(Tactical Notes: The Wilde Lishorr should be planted near enemy territory as they are hostile to all non-Kharshuf Fryhtan lifeforms and will spread across the land automatically over time. If the Wilde Lishorr have the Camoflage ability, this incursion into enemy territory will be unnoticed until the enemy gets close enough to attack. For this reason, it is best to plant far enough away from the enemy that they will not be discovered too soon and be able to grow into a powerful forest. Plant Wilde Lishorr in tight groups of about 3-4 if possible and they will take over as much space available when they next grow and spread, filling every nook and cranny across the land. Be careful not to accidently attack the Wilde Lishorr with the Kharshuf Fryhtans as they will fight back.)

Lishorr Level I must be researched before Wilde Lishorr can be researched.

Wilde Lishorr must be researched before Wilde Lishorr can be planted by Kharshuf Fryhtans.

Wilde Lishorr research cost is 1400 Life Points.

Lishorr can be planted by Kharshuf for $500 plus 300 Life Points.


The Camoflage ability allows all Lishorr to look identical to other types of benign plantlife such as trees and shrubs. Lishorr Camoflage is lifted when they attack nearby enemy troops within range but will go back under cover when no enemies are detected.

(With the Camoflage ability, Wilde Lishorr can spread with impunity, undetected by enemy units until they encroach into enemy territory or vice versa. By then, the Wilde Lishorr should be thick in their numbers, an enfolding forest to be reckoned with. Another useful tactic is to plant a camoflaged forest of Wilde Lishorr between the Kharshuf Fryhtans and all enemy kingdoms to act as a gauntlet or buffer to soften their assault force.)

Lishorr Level I and Wilde Lishorr must be researched before Camoflage can be researched.

Camoflage research cost is 1000 Life Points.


MINOTAUROS (The Masters of Alchemy)Minotauros                                                  Back

The Minotauros Fryhtans are a strange combination of animal and vegetable with an affinity for minerals. They actually look like the fabled Minotaurs of myth, with their large bestial bullhead atop a large humanoid frame, except their bodies are composed mainly of compressed moss, making them light and quick in movement and melee attacks, but rather weak in bodily defense.

(Tactical Notes: The Minotauros Fryhtans are quick and powerful melee attackers, fast movers, but low in actual Hit Points, with a moderate cost per unit, making them fairly well balanced. They even get a quick and powerful special "Vorpal" melee attack at Combat Skill Level 50, but their main strengths lies in the use of their Alchemist Tors. This automatic process of gaining and managing money and Life Points, is the one most unique and valuable of all Fryhtan abilities. The gaining of Life Points passively, rather than only by combat, is valuable early on in the game, while the ability to convert those Life Points to a much needed money source later in the game, gives the Minotauros Fryhtans flexibility that other Fryhtans lack. Therefore, the Minotauros Fryhtans are highly sought out by other Fryhtan species if only for their Mage Tor capabilities. The best tactic for Minotauros depends on the starting location as it would be better to be near mineral resources and away from any enemy players, then research the conversion process 'Minerals to Gold' if planning to build more Fryhtans and Tors or 'Minerals to Life Points' if planning to focus on research. If there are no mineral resources available for the taking, research the conversion process 'Life Points to Gold' as soon as possible, while enslaving independent villages as normal and culling them for lifepoints. Eventually, all research will be beneficial, but since each conversion process is so expensive to research, be selective depending on the situation. The "Fryhtan Rush" is not really possible due to their weak defense, but hit and run tactics work well for the Minotauros Fryhtans, as they can do alot of damage quickly during a short period of time and then run away with only the quickest of Human Cavalry units and some Fryhtans capable of keeping up. While the Minotauros are not all that expensive and money and Life Points are easy to come by throughout the game, they should still not be considered expendable. Experienced units should be salvaged at every opportunity.)

Minotauros Fryhtans can be trained in Minotauros Lairs for $200 plus 100 Life Points in 20 days.

Alchemist Tor

The Alchemist Tor is a structure that is capable of converting between Gold and Life Points and in processing raw minerals into Gold or Life Points, at a 2 to 1 exchange rate.

(Tactical Notes: The Alchemist Tor can be actually be built anywhere by the Minotauros Fryhtans, but if not placed on a mineral resources, only the conversion process between Gold and Life Points will be available.)

Alchemist Tors can be built anywhere by a Minotauros Fryhtan for $500 and 100 Life Points.

(Note: Alchemist Tors cannot be built until at least one Conversion Process is researched.)

Alchemist Tor's Conversion Processes

Life Points to Gold: Exchanges 2 Life Points for 1 Gold.

Life Points to Gold Conversion Process research cost is 2000 Life Points.

Gold to Life Points: Exchanges 2 Gold for 1 Life Point.

Gold to Life Points Conversion Process research cost is 2000 Life Points.

Minerals to Life Points: Converts 2 Minerals for 1 Life Points.

(Note: Only available when Alchemist Tor is placed over any mineral resource.)

Minerals to Life Points Conversion Process research cost is 3000 Life Points.

Minerals to Gold: Converts 2 Minerals for 1 Gold.

(Note: Only available when Alchemist Tor is placed over any mineral resource.)

Minterals to Gold Conversion Process research cost is 3000 Life Points.

Advanced Alchemy: Increases Mage Tor's efficiency and productivity by 50% per Level.

Advanced Alchemy is available for research when all Conversion Processes are researched.

Advanced Alchemy research cost is 2000 Life Points per Level with 2 Levels Total.