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Здесь представлены ссылки на ИНТЕРНЕТ ресурсы, посвященные программированию на PERL и использованию CGI на начало 1996 года (по мере обращений в приведенные адреса вносятся обновления).

Если искомая страница была перемещена за это время, то можно использовать поисковые машины, как например, Alta Vista (Digital), InfoSeek, Lycos, W3 Search Engines (CUI), Excite, WebCrawler Searching, Yahoo, для их поиска.
CGI: Common Gateway Interface
Forms in Perl
Index of Perl/HTML archives
Using Perl with MacHTTP
CGI Tutorial: Start
Matt Kruse's Perl Scripts
Lincoln Stein's Home Page
About pHTTPd Server
pgperl Home Page
The WWW Workbench
Usage Statistics for Analytical's Home Page
Unix / WWW program, CGI, Perl, & Tools
Web Developer's Virtual Library: CGI
Mooncrow's CGI/PERL Source Page
Win-httpd CGI-DOS
CGI::* Modules for Perl5
Michael's PERL Page
Dale Bewley's Perl Scripts and Links
Perl CGI Exmaples
Grant's CGI Framework
Netscape Technical Note 20202
CGI's for your Informational Amusement
Amiga CGI documentation
CGIs In Mac C
CGI Resource Page
MacWWW - CGI Applications
The Perl Programming Language
Perl reference materials
CGI-perl mailing list archives by date
The Programmer's Source
CGI Form Handling in Perl
Tom Christiansens' Mox.Perl.COM Home Page
CGI Test Area
Andy Wood's Perl Programs
Un-CGI version 1.6
Advanced Web Development Links
Compting Links on the 'Net
libwww-perl: Distribution Information
Max Miller's Home Page
An Introduction to Perl
Software Library
Counters and Form Output in HTML
Matt's Source Code
Podenski Home Page
The Common Gateway Interface: FORMS
Resources on the WWW
World-Wide Web Access Statistics for
Serious stuff page
Matthew D. Healy, Ph.D.
Letting Users Search Your Web Pages
A primer for creating web resources
Web Server Statistics
How to do forms
MIT DCNS CGI programs
Anker home
Developer's Corner
info2www - The GNU Info Node to HTML Gateway
Public Roots for Robert Seymour
Publishing on the World Wide Web
Mailto 1.6
HTML Access Counter Options - a Perl5 CGI Library
BIPED script viewer
Falken's Maze
Nik's Useful Info
Learn to Write CGI-Forms
Counters With Perl (UNIX ONLY)

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