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6-11 September 2006, Krasnoyarsk, Russia



Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (SB RAS), the Scientific Council on Plant Physiology and Photosynthesis of Russian Academy of Sciences and the Plants Physiologists’ Society of Russia are organizing a conference in September 2006, titled “CLOSED LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT FOR HUMAN SURVIVAL UNDER EXTREME CONDITIONS”.
The Conference will be held in the city of Krasnoyarsk, Russia. It is hosted by Institute of Biophysics of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (IBP SB RAS) - one of the leading institutions in the researches on closed life support systems (CLSS) where the BIOS-3 facility was designed and constructed. Out of all man-made regenerative life support systems so far devised it is the "BIOS-3" only that maintained the life of a crew of 2-3 for 4-6 months by almost 100% closure of the cycle in terms of water and gas and more than 50% in terms of food.

Conference Topics:

1) Current state of researches in the field of biological and physical-chemical life support systems for terrestrial and space applications.
2) Experimental and theoretical modeling of closed life support system.
3) New trends of mass balance as applied to closed life support system.
4) Quality control: chemical and microbiological contaminants detection and control within closed life support systems.
5) Closure problems of LSS of different purpose.
6) Design and technological philosophy of creation of CLSS of a new generation.
7) Synergies of life support research with understanding of the Earth ecosystem.


Application Submission:
On-site registration:
Full Participant 200 EURO
Accompanying Person 80 EURO

September 6, Wednesday 09:00-18:00
September 7, Thursday 09:00-11:00
At the Lobby of the Hotel
Note: Please, pay cash in Euro

For full participants registration fees will include a city tour, reception, coffee breaks, lunches, the conference sessions, and a technical visit to the BIOS-3 facility.

For accompanying persons, registration fees will include reception, lunches, and a city tour.

Name badges: Please wear the name badges all the time in order to be admitted to, sessions, reception, technical tours and social events.

All foreign the participants are recommended to stay in “Oktyabrskaya” hotel which if the conference venue. You can find the reservation details on the website:

Organizing Committee:

Chairman of Organizing Committee
Corresponding Member of RAS
Director of IBP SB RAS

Contact person and address:
Vice-Chairman of Organizing Committee
Prof. A.A. Tikhomirov
Executive Director of
International Centre
on Closed Ecosystems
Institute of Biophysics SB RAS
660036, Russia
Tel. 7 (3912) 494317
Fax. 7 (3912) 433400
For: Prof. A.A. Tikhomirov


Abstracts should be written in English and adopt the following formatting:
Contact author’s e-mail
Font: Times New Romans, 12
Line spacing: 1.5 lines
Length: One page
Top: 2 ńě
Bottom: 2 ńě
Left: 3 ńě
Right: 1.5 ńě
Electronic form sent by e-mail is required.
Deadline is 31 July 2006.
The organizing committee expects presentations to last 20-30 minutes, including discussions.
The selected presentations will be published in a reviewed international edition.

Important Dates:

20 June, 2006 - registration deadline
3 July, 2006 – distribution of the finalized conference program
5 July, 2006 – last day of distribution of the chosen tours fees and the payment forms to the applicants
31 July, 2006 – abstract registration deadline
6 September – arrival

Additional information:

Several Siberian tours of different duration (from one day to one week) are planned after the conference. The detailed information about the tours offered you can find in the file.

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