The International Conference on Computational Mathematics

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Number of reports: 233


  1. ()

  2. Admaev O.V. The Probability Models of Estimating of Action of Trasnport on Environment (abstract in russian)

  3. Akkulov Zh.I., Baikenov R.A., Kurmangazieva L.T., Mukimbekov M.Zh. Development of software package for parallelizing of multiphase filtration problems (abstract in russian)

  4. Alekseev A.S., Belonosova A.V., Belonosov A.S., Tsetsokho V.A. (abstract in russian)

  5. Alekseev A.S., Imomnazarov Kh.Kh., Grachev E.V., Rakhmonov T.T., Imomnazarov B.Kh. Direct and inverse dynamic problems for a system of equations of continual theory of filtration

  6. Alekseev A.S., Tsibulchik G.M. Mathematical tomography models in a problem of seismic monitoring

  7. Alekseev A.S., Vedernikov Y.A.

  8. Alekseev J. A., Martynov V. N. Mikhailenko B.G. Modelling propagation of elastic waves in cracked medium

  9. Ansari A.R. Computational techniques for blood flow through arteries

  10. Antipov M.V. Theoretical and Practical Solution of Problem of Random Values Generation

  11. Antyufeev V.S. Solving a biological problem by the Monte Carlo method

  12. Apartsyn A.S., Solodusha S.V., Spiryaev V.A. On numerical solution of one class of bilinear Volterra equations of the first kind (abstract in russian)

  13. Arturov K.I., Gorbenko N.I., Kuznetsov A.G., Pirogov V.O., Shustrov N.A. Modeling of direct and invers problems in electrical logging

  14. Averina T.A. Algorithm of statistical simulation of dynamic systems with separated time

  15. Averina T.A., Artemiev S.S. Numerical solution of unstable stochastic differential equations

  16. Badriev I.B., Banderov V.V., Zadvornov O.A. Statement and numerical investigation of stationary problems on contact of a soft shells and a barrier

  17. Badriev I.B., Zadvornov O.A., Ljashko A.D. Iterative methods for solving a variational inequalities of the second kind with a potential operators of monotone type

  18. Badriev I.B., Zadvornov O.A., Ljashko A.D., Ismagilov L.N. On the numerical solution of the some nonlinear the seepage theory problems.

  19. Bagaev B.M., Zlobin V.S. The formation of the defects carbon block

  20. Balaganski M.Y., Zakharov Y.N. About boundary conditions in solving equations of hydrodynamics in infinite regions (abstract in russian)

  21. Balakin S.V. The Numerical Characteristics in Stochastic Sequences

  22. Belykh V.N. On estimations for entrophy of compactum of infinitely differentiable functions on a segment

  23. Bersenev S.M. On multiparametric metod for finding chebyshev's solution of the systems of linear algebraic equations (abstract in russian)

  24. Blatov I.A., Pimenov A.S. The application of the spline wavelets to the numerical modelling of the slender antennas


  26. Boikov I.V., Romanova E.G. The approximate solution of hypersingular intgeral equations.

  27. Bolycevcev A.D., Bolycevceva L.D., Lybimova N.A., Smolin Y.A. pproc. method...

  28. Borisova N.M., Ostapenko V.V. Modified discontinuity decay method for numerical calculation of the shallow water equations. (abstract in russian)

  29. Boronin A.I., Elokhin V.I., Gainova I.A., Fadeev S.I. CO oxidation reaction over polycrystalline iridium. Simulation of the kinetic behavior in a frame of the subsurface oxygen model

  30. Borovko I.V. The pollutant transport model based on contour dynamics.

  31. Boyarintsev Y. E., Orlova I. Methods of Computation of Base Matrices for Constructing Difference Approximations of Differential Algebraic Equations

  32. Boyko O.A., Itkina N.B. Analysis of algorithms of solving of inverse conductivity problem. (abstract in russian)

  33. Bulatov M.V., Koshkareva L.V., Chistyakova E.V. Numerical Solution of Singular Integral Differential Equations

  34. Burmistrov A.V. "Walk by Spheres and Balls" Estimation of the Gradient of a Solution to the Stationary Diffusion Equation in the Multidimensional Case

  35. Burnasheva A.G. Difference method of the solution of a problem of temperature pressure

  36. Cheremisin A.A., Yu.V.Vasiliev (abstract in russian)

  37. Chervov V.V. , Tychkov S.A., Chernykh G.G. ()

  38. Cho S. , Nepomnyaschikh S.V. , Park E.J. Domain Decomposition Preconditioning for Elliptic Problems with Arbitrary Jumps in Coefficients

  39. Creamer D.B. Robust numerical method for a singularly perturbed Black-Scholes equation in a bounded subdomain

  40. Debelov V.A., Vassilieva L.F.

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