Институт вычислительной математики
и математической геофизики

The International Conference on Computational Mathematics

List reports

Number of reports: 233


  1. Mikhailov G.A. Constructing and optimizing the Monte Carlo methods on the basis of the phase space modification (new results) ()

  2. Miroshnichenko V.L. Isogeometric interpolation by histosplines

  3. Mishchenko V.O. К моделированию электромагнитных явлений на базе использования методов дискретных особенностей для решения гиперсингулярных интегральных уравнений (abstract in russian)

  4. Mogilenskikh D.V., Kolomeiko S. V., Melnikova S. N. Algorithm “CONTOUR” for Finding and Visualization of Flat Sections of 3D-Objects

  5. Molorodov Y.I. Use of a method of a local collocation for the decision of regional problems(tasks) with a boundary layer

  6. Naumov A.A., Senitch V.V. Algorithms for effective control of experiments problems (abstract in russian)

  7. Nechaev O., Shurina E. Multigrid preconditioning of vector finite element approximation of Maxwell's equations (abstract in russian)

  8. Nepomnyaschikh S.V., Park E.J., Park J. Preconditioning by Domain Decomposition for Mixed Formulation of Anisotropic Problems

  9. Ofitserov V.V., Zaytsev A. U., Semeshov V. A. Computing simulation of dynamic processes in small-sized betatrons

  10. Oleinikov A.I., Bormotin K.S. Parallel regularizing algorithms for calculation of elastic bodies with thin elements of structure

  11. Olshevsky V. Fast algorithms for Structured Matrices and Applications

  12. Omuraliev A.S. About a fimite element approach to solving singular perturbed problem

  13. Ozevin G., Mehrotra S. Self-Concordance of Recourse Function and a Decomposition-Based Interior Point Method for Two-Stage Stochastic Semidefinite Programs

  14. Paasonen V.I. The high-order accuracy difference schemes for boundary value problems in inhomogeneous domains.

  15. Parsaei M. Diffraction in Numerical Solution of Hyperbolic Equations

  16. Pavlov M.N. Method of a difference solution of a two-phase filtration

  17. Pavlov M.V., Volkov A.P. Numerical solution of elliptic equation on quasistructured grids (abstract in russian)

  18. Penenko V.V. Decomposion and integration of numerical models of different space-time scales with the use of variational technique ()

  19. Penenko V.V., Tsvetova E.A. Construction of orthogonal factor spaces for deterministic and stochastic models of nature processes ()


  21. Petrovich O. Method of numerical analysis of gasfilled EOS with movement plasma cathode (abstract in russian)

  22. Pichugin B.Y. Stochastic model of the community of interacting individuals described by set of parameters ()

  23. Ponomaryuk Y.Y., Smagin S.I. Mathematical model of cathode heating attached to electro-spark alloying. (abstract in russian)

  24. Popov A.S. The best cubature formulae invariant under the tetrahedral group of rotations with inversion for a sphere

  25. Popov V.N., Kostjukova E.V., Gainova I.A. Modeling of impact of a fluid metal droplet with cold substrare

  26. Popov V.N., Tsivinskaya Yu.S., Kokh A.E., Kokh K.A. Melt convection under conditions of crucible nonuniform lateral walls heating

  27. Protasov A.V., Ogorodnikov V.A. Numerical method of stochastic modeling of an climatic pollution trajectories distribution in the atmosphere

  28. Protasov M.I. Gaussian beams true amplitude seismic imaging in vertically transversally-isotropic mediums

  29. Rakhmatullin J.Y. The problems of matrix inversion on multiple-processor systems ()

  30. Ramazanov M.D. The researches of cubature formulas at mathematical institute of RAS in Ufa ()

  31. Ravshanov N., Japparova R. K,, Shermatova G. Mathematical modeling and numerical decision of tasks of filtering of solutions in view of formation(education) of a layer deposits (abstract in russian)

  32. Rogalyov A. Methods of construction of upper and lower bounds of solutions of differential equations and their application (abstract in russian)

  33. Royak M.E., Adamanova S.T., Korobeinikov S.M. The electromagnetic field modeling in original wire

  34. Royak M.E., Ivanov I.A. The irregular tetrahedral meshes construction in the domains with complicated non-uniformly scaled geometry

  35. Rozhenko A.I. On constructing of a native space with the given reproducing kernel ()

  36. Rukavishnikov A.V., Kobelkov G.M., Rukavishnikov V.A. The Method of Numerical Analysis for Stokes Problem with Discontinuous Coefficient (abstract in russian)

  37. Rukavishnikov V.A., Ereklintsev A.G. Исследование дифференциальных свойств $R_{u}$ - обобщенных решений краевых задач с сингулярностью (abstract in russian)

  38. Rukavishnikov V.A., Tkachenko O.P. Вывод и численный анализ нелинейного уравнения движения растяжимого подземного трубопровода (abstract in russian)

  39. Rusin E.V. On a Parallelization of an Algorithm of Raster Earth's Elevation Map Recovery From a Given Horizontals Set. (abstract in russian)

  40. S.I. Fadeev, V.A. Kirillov, A.B. Shigarov Modeling of a catalytic rector-generator of hydrogen

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