Институт вычислительной математики
и математической геофизики

The International Conference on Computational Mathematics

List reports

Number of reports: 233


  1. Tsaregorodtsev V. Towards designing of parallel artificial neural networks software packages: a new approach (abstract in russian)

  2. Tselishcheva I.V. Domain decomposition methods for quasilinear singularly perturbed parabolic equations of reaction-diffusion type in a composed domain

  3. Tsibulchik G.M. The continuation of wave field: spectral (omega - k) approach

  4. Tsvetova E.A. Numerical methods in Lake Baikal hydrodynamics model ()

  5. Tyrtyshnikov E.E. Approximation of large matrices for integral equations solving ()

  6. Ukhinov S.A. Simulation of hydrogen atoms propagation in heliosphere

  7. Urev M.V. Some results for generalised Maxwell-Leontovich operator (abstract in russian)

  8. Utemaganbetov Z.S., Mukimbekov M.Zh. About the new method for numerical solution of boundary problems of second order linear differential equations (abstract in russian)

  9. Vabitchevich P.N. Операторно-разностные схемы для нестационарных задач электродинамики ()

  10. Vaganova N.A. The using of factor analysis for spherecal image compression problem (abstract in russian)

  11. Vasiliev V.I., Popov V.V., Shirokikh F.F. Numerical solution of the some problems of multiphase filtration (abstract in russian)

  12. Vasiliv V.I., Lobanov V.V., Popov V.V. Numerical solution of holes problem (abstract in russian)

  13. Vaskevich V.L. Criterion of computation with guaranteed accuracy for multidimensional integration

  14. Vishnevsky D.M., Kostin V.I., Tcheverda V.A. Seismic waves radiation by bore-hole source

  15. Voevodin A.F., Goncharova O.N. Methods of splitting on physical processes for computation of convection problems in closed domains

  16. Voevodin A.F., Katyshev V. A difference method for solving initial boundary value problems for the differential equation of crack pattern formation

  17. Volkov Y.S. Quintic spline interpolation ()

  18. Vorozhtsov E.V. On the Construction of Difference Schemes for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws with the Aid of the B"{u}rmann-Lagrange Expansions

  19. Voskoboiniov Y.E. Definition of the stop moment in iterative processes of the solution of the ill posed optimization problems

  20. Voytishek A.V., Kablukova E.G. Usage of piece constant function approximations for numerical modelling of stochastic elements

  21. Vshivkov V.A., Snytnikov A.V. Protoplanetary Disc Dynamics Simulation with MVS-1000M (abstract in russian)

  22. Woskoboynikova G.M. Mathematical modelling of the vibroseismic sequences processing.

  23. Yakunin M. Parameters estimation of stochastic models of prices of financial instruments (abstract in russian)

  24. Yaroslavtseva T.V. Оценка параметров выноса сульфатного аэрозоля с поверхности Селитренного озера ()

  25. Yegorshin A.O. Orthogonalization, Factorization and Identification (abstract in russian)

  26. Zabinyako G.I. Parallel algorithms for some discrete optimization problems

  27. Zadorin A.I., Chekanov A.V. Numerical method for singular perturbed elliptic equation in a strip (abstract in russian)

  28. Zadorin A.I., Kharina O.V. Numerical method for nonlinear equation with a boundary layer, corresponding to region of a chemical reaction (abstract in russian)

  29. Zaharov J.N., Lobasenko R.B., Ragulin V.J. One non-stationary mathematical model of a method ultrafiltration

  30. Zakharov A.Y. Моделирование методом Монте-Карло переноса резонансного излучения в плазме. (abstract in russian)

  31. Zakharova J.F. Optimal with respect to accuracy methods of calculation of many dimensional weight singular integrals on unlimited domains (abstract in russian)

  32. Zolotukhin A.Y. О методе с регуляризацией на ядре оператора в задаче Синьорини (abstract in russian)

  33. Zotkevich A. 2D numerical simulation of a flame front propagation

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