Институт вычислительной математики
и математической геофизики

The International Conference on Computational Mathematics

List reports

Number of reports: 233


  1. Denisenko V.V. Energy method for calculation of 3-D vector field with given divergence and curl

  2. Derevtsov E. A numerical solution for the vector tomography problem with usage of polynomial and local bases

  3. Dmitriev V.V. The program compositions for approximating of multi-integrals in domains with smooth boundaries ()

  4. Dorovsky V.N., Perepechko Yu.V., Imomnazarov Kh.Kh., Zhapbasbay B.M. Numerical modelling of wave fields in saturated porous mediums (abstract in russian)

  5. Dreglea A.I., Shishkin G.I. Robust numerical method for a singularly perturbed equation with unboundedly growing convective term at infinity

  6. Dymnikov V.P. Adjoint equations, integral conservation laws, and conservative difference schemes for nonlinear equations of mathematical physics

  7. Efimov S.A. Approximation of a function of sounding signals used at seismic researches of ground, for characterization of the approach-correcting filter

  8. Efimov S.A. Applying of mathematical model of bound oscillating circuits for the description of changes of a modularly hierarchical constitution of rock masses

  9. Faizullin R.T. Global heuristic for Euclidean traveling salesman problem (abstract in russian)

  10. Fatyanov A.G. Wave fields in media with curvilinear boundaries (abstract in russian)

  11. Fedorova O., Borodacheva A.V. Приближение сплайнами функций с заданными свойствами ()

  12. Feodoritova O.B. , Zhukov V.T. , Young D. P. P-multigrid for hp-discretization of the Euler and Navier-Stokes equations

  13. Filatov D.M. On Local Hyperbolic Absorbing Boundary Conditions Based on Dimensional Splitting and Spline Approximations

  14. G.A. Sapozhnikov, V. M. Fomin The Computational Designing for Tasks of The Bodies High-Speed Interactions ()

  15. Galanin M.P., Savenkov E.B. Finite superelement method for velosity skin-layer problem

  16. Garipov I.M. The algorithmes and programs of lattice cubature formulas for domains with piecewise smooth boundaries ()

  17. Ginkin V.P., O.M.Naumenko A new variant of incomplete factorization method to solve three dimensional elliptical difference equations with nonsymmetrical coefficient matrices

  18. Gladkih V.S., Il'in V.P. Algorithms for solving elasticity problem with a crack (abstract in russian)

  19. Glasser A., Liseikin V. D., Lebedev A. S., Kitaeva I. A. A comprehensive method for generating adaptive numerical grids (abstract in russian)

  20. Gobysh A., Shokina N., Shurina E. Analysis of numerical algorithms for Navier – Stokes equations based on finite element method

  21. Golubyatnikov V.P., Макаров В.Е., Макаров Е.В., Смирнов Г.И. Стохастическое моделирование фрактальной структуры электрической проводимости поликристаллических плёнок (abstract in russian)

  22. Gurieva Y.L. Numerical solution of 3D Navier-Stokes problem (abstract in russian)

  23. Gusev S.A. Monte Carlo estimation of derivatives of functionals of diffusion process using Malliavin calculus (abstract in russian)

  24. Hegarty A. Robust numerical solution of a turbulent jet problem

  25. Il'in V.P. On mixed finite volume methods (abstract in russian)

  26. Il'in V.P., Shmakov I.A. Numerical solution of filtration and electrostatic problems of laterolog survey probing (abstract in russian)

  27. Ilin A.V. Simulation of the plasma interaction with RF waves in the VASIMR

  28. Ilin V.P., Semin I.G. Parallel alternating direction overimplicit method (abstract in russian)

  29. Itkina N.B. Thealgorithm of inverse problem of thermokinetic processes (abstract in russian)

  30. Ivanov A.A. Numerical solution of hadron transport equitions in extensive air shower of cosmic rays

  31. Ivanova E.A., Chumakova N.A., Chumakov G.A. The saddle loop correction algorithm for two-dimentional autonomous ODE

  32. Kabannik A.V. , Tcheverda V.A. 3D seismic tomography without ray tracing ()

  33. Kamenshchikov L.P. The Force Action of Solar and Earth radiation onto a Spacecraft: Parallel Monte-Carlo Simulation (abstract in russian)

  34. Karaulova I.V., Markova E.V. Numerical solution of systems of non-classical Volterra equations of the first kind (abstract in russian)

  35. Karchevsky A.L. Numerical algorithm for solving the elasticity system for horizontally stratified anisotropic media

  36. Karepova E.D., Malyshev A.V., Shaidurov V.V. The Finite Elements Method for Navier-Stokes Equations for Viscous Heat-Conductive Gas (abstract in russian)

  37. Karepova E.D., Malyshev A.V., Shaidurov V.V., Schepanovskaya G.I. Numerical solution of Navier-Stokes equation for viscous heat-conductive gas (abstract in russian)

  38. Khabakhpashev G.A. Numerical solution to integro-differential equation for nonlinear waves in a two-layer viscous liquid between the gently sloping lid and bottom (abstract in russian)

  39. Khairetdinov M.S. Numerical Characteristics of Physical Nonlinearity in Vibrational Seismic..

  40. Kobelkov G.M. Numerical solution of stiff elliptic problems ()

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