The International Conferences on Conservation of Forest Genetic Resources in Siberia

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Number of reports: 95


  1. İnaç S., Görücü Ö., Eker Ö. Research on anthropogenic forest fires and sustainable forest resource management in Turkey

  2. Abrarova A., Vafin R.V., Putenikhin V.P. Douglas-fir – perspective coniferous introduced tree for planting of high productive stands

  3. Bakulin V. Gigantic poplar trees in Siberia

  4. Barchenkov A.P. Morphological features variability of Gmelina larch (Larix gmelinii (Rupr.) Rupr.) in Eastern Siberia

  5. Barsukova A.V., Tretyakova I.N. Microclonal propagation of siberian larch (larix sibirica ledeb) by somatic embryogenesis (abstract in russian)

  6. Belokon M., Belokon Yu., Politov D. Mating system and allozyme heterozygosity dynamics in dwarf siberian pine, pinus pumila (pall.) regel, populations

  7. Belokon Y., Belokon M., Politov D., Petrova E., Goroshkevich S. Genetic differentiation of dwarf siberian pine, pinus pumila (pall.) regel, populations from the pacific region

  8. Bolonin I.P..Kulakov V.E..Rogovtsev R.V. A single calculation of objects of a unified genetic-selective complex in the forest resources of the Novosibirsk and the Omsk regions

  9. Bondarev A.Ya., Kalchenko L.I. О состоянии объектов ЕГСК в Алтайском крае. Перспективы.

  10. Boronnikova S., Svetlskova T., Boboshina I. Molecular-genetic analysis Populus Tremola L on the basis of polymorphism IRAP and ISSR markers (abstract in russian)

  11. Bratilova N. Рост и семеношение потомства черемховской популяции кедра сибирского в Северосаянском лесосеменном районе (abstract in russian)

  12. Cherepanova O., Petrova I. About diagnostic characters of P. sylvestris L. (abstract in russian)

  13. Chernov G.N. Experience of creation and problems of development of unified genetic and selection complex in Siberia

  14. Dragavtsev V.A., Kocherina N. Принципы экспрессной оценки генотипической изменчивости прироста в лесных популяциях и индивидуальных генотипических отклонений (abstract in russian)

  15. Efimov V.M., Tarakanov V.V., Rogovtcev R.V. Effect of geographical origin on pine growth rate under environmental conditions of the mid-ob boreal forest

  16. Eker Ö., İnaç S., Görücü Ö. The investigation of forest crimes from the perspectives of forest and genetic resource and rural development in Turkey

  17. Görücü Ö., Eker Ö., İnaç S. The impact of high plateau activities on forest protection and socio-economic environment

  18. Glotov N. What gives the analysis of structure of variability of on attribute? (abstract in russian)

  19. Goroshkevich S.N. Modern Forest Management System Destroyed Genetic Resources of Siberian Stone Pine (Pinus sibirica): Who is Guilty and What to Be Done?

  20. Goroshkevich S.N., Petrova E.A. , D.V. Politov*, O.G. Bender, A.P. Zotikova, M.M. Belokon*, A.G. Popov, G.V. Vasilieva, O.V. Khutornoy, Yu.S. Belokon* Interspecific Hybridization and Reticulate Evolution in 5-needle Pines of Northern and Eastern Asia

  21. Hantemirova E. V., Semerikov V. L. Genetic variation in populations of juniperus communis l.

  22. Hantemirova E.V. Genetic variation of Juniperus communis L. ()

  23. Heinze B., Fussi B. A first look at aspen (populus tremula) phylogeography across Eurasia

  24. Iroshnikov A. The analysis posterities of a larch Siberian (abstract in russian)

  25. Iroshnikov A. Formation of forest breeding and protection of biological diversity in Russia

  26. Iroshnikov A.,Tvelenev M. Experimental objects cedar pains in Dimiyrovsky a forest area (abstract in russian)

  27. Ivanov V.V. Siberian linden (tilia sibirica bayer) under the Novosibirsk environmental stress: condition and seed productivity

  28. Kalchenko L., Tarakanov V. Gradual passportisation of trees in pine clone orchards using the methods of phenetics

  29. Kanash E.V., Osipov Yu.A. Optical criteria for contact and remote diagnostics of phytocoenosis

  30. Kashkarov E., Tarakanov S., Sofronov A., Fes’kov V. Rhythms of transgressions and localization of tree species conservation

  31. Kirichenko N., Yuri Baranchikov, Maria Tomoshevich, Marc Kenis Botanical gardens as model systems to study resistance of alien woody plants to native pests and diseases

  32. Knyazeva S. Intraspecific variability of Juniperus communis L.

  33. Knyazeva S.G., Muratova E.N. Karyological review of Gymnosperms on the base the database

  34. Krutovsky K.V. Forest tree genomics and new genotyping technologies to study adaptive genetic variation in forest tree populations

  35. Kucherov S.E., Muldashev A.A. The tree radial growth in the zone of the 1908 Tunguska event

  36. Kuzmin S.R., Kuzmina N.A. The influence of geographical origin on Scots pine growth

  37. Kuzmina N.A., Kuzmin S.R., Ponomareva T.V., Kuznetsova G.V. The response of conifers to soil moisture change: experiment results

  38. Kuznetsova E.A. Shoot structure variation of siberian stone pine (pinus sibirica du tour) along the latitudinal profile: ex situ research

  39. Kuznetsova G.V. Growth, state and development of siberian pines in provenance trial in the Krasnoyarsk krai south

  40. Kuznetsova G.V. , Makarikova R., Naumova N.B. , Kutsenogy K.P., Chankina O.V. The effect of pine climatypes on soil chemical propeties in the western Sayany Region of Russia


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