»нститут вычислительной математики
и математической геофизики

The International Conference on Computational Mathematics

Invited papers

|21.06.2004| |22.06.2004| |24.06.2004| |25.06.2004|


09-30 -- 10-45 

  1. Marchuk G.I. (full text)

  2. Dymnikov V.P. Adjoint equations, integral conservation laws, and conservative difference schemes for nonlinear equations of mathematical physics

11-00 -- 12-30 

  1. Alekseev A.S., Tsibulchik G.M. Mathematical tomography models in a problem of seismic monitoring

  2. Karepova E.D., Malyshev A.V., Shaidurov V.V., Schepanovskaya G.I. Numerical solution of Navier-Stokes equation for viscous heat-conductive gas (abstract in russian)


09-30 -- 11-00 

  1. Shishkin G.I. Robust high-order accurate numerical methods for singularly perturbed problems

  2. Lykosov V.N., Glazunov A.V. Large-eddy simulation of geophysical boundary layers on parallel computational systems

11-15 -- 12-45 

  1. Lebedev V.I. Ёкстремальные многочлены и оптимальные алгоритмы вычислительной математики (full text)

  2. Konovalov A.N. (full text)


09-30 -- 11-00 

  1. Smagin S.I. ќ численном решении задач дифракции в интегральных постановках (full text)

  2. Tyrtyshnikov E.E. Approximation of large matrices for integral equations solving (full text)

11-15 -- 12-45 

  1. Sushkevich T.A. Characteristics of transfer equation in multidimensional spherical phase domain (abstract in russian)

  2. Kobelkov G.M. Numerical solution of stiff elliptic problems (full text)


09-30 -- 11-00 

  1. Mikhailov G.A. Constructing and optimizing the Monte Carlo methods on the basis of the phase space modification (new results) (full text)

  2. G.A. Sapozhnikov, V. M. Fomin The Computational Designing for Tasks of The Bodies High-Speed Interactions (full text)

11-15 -- 12-45 

  1. Lifanov I.K. Solution of integral equations with singularity in kernel in class of distributions and their application in applied problems

  2. Il'in V.P. On mixed finite volume methods (abstract in russian)

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