Институт вычислительной математики
и математической геофизики

The International Conference on Computational Mathematics

Computational algebra

|24.06.2004| |25.06.2004|


16-45 -- 18-45 

  1. Bersenev S.M. On multiparametric metod for finding chebyshev's solution of the systems of linear algebraic equations (abstract in russian)

  2. Voskoboiniov Y.E. Definition of the stop moment in iterative processes of the solution of the ill posed optimization problems

  3. Yegorshin A.O. Orthogonalization, Factorization and Identification (abstract in russian)

  4. Kublanovskaya V.N., Khazanov V.B. Methods for solving parametric problems of algebra

  5. Kolotilina L.Y. Bounds for interior eigenvalues of Hermitian matrices (abstract in russian)

  6. Boyarintsev Y. E., Orlova I. Methods of Computation of Base Matrices for Constructing Difference Approximations of Differential Algebraic Equations


14-30 -- 16-30 

  1. Nechaev O., Shurina E. Multigrid preconditioning of vector finite element approximation of Maxwell's equations (abstract in russian)

  2. Badriev I.B., Zadvornov O.A., Ljashko A.D. Iterative methods for solving a variational inequalities of the second kind with a potential operators of monotone type

  3. Kolesnikov E.V., Sorokin S.B. Economic iterative methods for the solution of singular problems with conjugate-operator structure.

16-45 -- 18-45 

  1. Ginkin V.P., O.M.Naumenko A new variant of incomplete factorization method to solve three dimensional elliptical difference equations with nonsymmetrical coefficient matrices

  2. Kuznetsov Y.I. The fundamental polynomials of persymmetric Hankel and the corresponding symmetric Toeplitz matrices

  3. Malyshev A. Computation of the smallest eigenvalues of -d/dx(c(x)*du(x)/dx) with wild coefficients c(x)

  4. Makhotkin O.A. Investigation of Kaczmarz algorithm for solution of systems of linear algebraic equations

  5. Matsokin A.M. Preconditioner for Laplace operator with piecewise constant сoefficients

  6. Shary S.P. Interval existence tests for systems of nonlinear equations

  7. Olshevsky V. Fast algorithms for Structured Matrices and Applications

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