Институт вычислительной математики
и математической геофизики

The International Conference on Computational Mathematics


Numerical solution of differential and integral equations

The formation of the defects carbon block

Bagaev B.M., Zlobin V.S.

Siberian Aerospace Academy (Krasnoyarsk)

In this work we formulate the technical solutions which make for the ahead of the carbon destruction and cracks based on the thermoelastic model of the aluminum cell. The preheating the aluminum cell connect with with growth of the temperature deformations and stress of the carbon block. It is well known that the destroy of the carbon block under preheating connect with the stuffing seams and cathode blocks. It is detail considered and published in the many works. The deformation source and the reason of cracks of crack appearance under the heating of the cathode blocks is collector steel bar which is hardly assembling in the carbon blocks when the cast iron is inputing to the carbon block. The main reason of the destroy of the carbon block at the preheating aluminum cell is following. The linear temperature coefficients of the steel bar is greater in five time then the linear temperature coefficients of the carbon block. The deformations of the steel bar are an example $1,5\%$ under heating to the temperature $700 - 750^o C.$ The begining length of the steel bar increase to the $30 mm$ and width to $2,7 - 4 mm.$The concentration deformation is form at the neighbour of the steel bar and it's intensity is greater by two order the strength limit of the carbon block.

Note. Abstracts are published in author's edition

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