Институт вычислительной математики
и математической геофизики

The International Conference on Computational Mathematics


Numerical solution of differential and integral equations

Applying of mathematical model of bound oscillating circuits for the description of changes of a modularly hierarchical constitution of rock masses

Efimov S.A.

ICMMG SB RAS (Novosibirsk)

In activity the outcomes of mathematical simulation of a modularly hierarchical constitution of rock masses are submitted(shown). In a base of mathematical model the representation about interaction of geoblocks(geounits) as bound resonant circuits is used. Within the framework of this model the hypothesis is offered: a reason of a frequency change of a resonance of geologic structures detected at processing of experimental datas, is the pressure variation between geoblocks(geounits) shaped by the external astronomical and internal tectonic factors.

Note. Abstracts are published in author's edition

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