The Scientific Potential of Siberia

Barnaul Research Center


Altai Territory (its area, including Gorno-Altai Republic, is 262 thousand sq.km, and the population 2835 thousand people) is situated in the south of Siberia, and its climatic conditions are most favourable for agriculture. It produces more than half of the corn of West Siberia, half of the wool, one third of meat and one quarter of milk. The Territory has machine-building and chemical industries, plants for extraction of polymetallic ores, food and consumer goods industries. Mountain Altai is a pristine, non-polluted part of Siberia, which attracts many tourists.     
The Altai Genetic Centre.

Accommodated in Barnaul are:

Institute for Water and Environmental Problems of RAS SB
Altai Research Institute of Arable Farming and Selection of RAAS SB:
Altai RDTI of Animal Husbandry RAAS SB
Research Institute of Horticulture of Siberia of RAAS SB

Higher Education:

Altai State University
and 5 other institutes

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