The Scientific Potential of Siberia


Siberia accommodates a wide network of research institutions, completely and/or partly involved in studying the problems which are the topics of IGBP (The International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme: a Study of Global Change), SCOPE, UNEP and other International programmes, organizations and documents of UNCED (United Nations Conference on Environment and Development - June 1992, Rio de Janeiro).

Most important research groups in Siberia are active within the Siberian Branches of the three Academies: Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences (RAAS) and Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS); and in the higher education institutions, first of all in Siberian universities. A general idea of the present state of science in Siberia may be obtained from the list of academic and other institutions, and from the information presented below.

  BLUE    Institutes and Laboratories of RAS SB.       BLACK    Universities.
  RED    Institutes and Laboratories of RAMS SB.       Yellow    Siberian International Research Centres.
  OLIVE    Institutes and Laboratories of RAAS SB.     

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