The Scientific Potential of Siberia

Siberian International Research Center


     The Siberian Solar Radiotelescope in the Sayan Foothills, one of the lagersts in the Wold.

The Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences promotes organization of Siberian International Research Centres - open laboratories, where researchers of all nations may work together with the researchers of Russia. They are governed by the international scientific advisory boards which select projects already having financial support of national agencies. Host Institutes of the Siberian International research centres provide all necessary logistic support (laboratories, cars, ships, analytical equipment, etc.).

The International Centres of this new type have proved to solve successfully three major tasks:

The most interested foreign participants make their financial contributions, and contributions "in kind" to develop the infrastructure of the Siberian International Research Centres. The Siberian Branch of RAS, on its hand, regards further development of the Centres (purchase of modern equipment, construction of new laboratories, accommodation and communication facilities, etc.) as its task of highest priority.

Location of the Centres:

Baikal International Centre for Ecological Research, Irkutsk
Altai International Centre for Humanitarian and Biospheric Research, Novosibirsk, Gorno-Altaisk
International Centre for Closed Ecological Systems, Krasnoyarsk
Siberian International Centre for Ecological Research of Boreal Forests, Krasnoyarsk
Yakut International Centre for Northern Territories Development, Yakutsk
International Centre for Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Irkutsk, Yakutsk
Siberian International Centre of Synchrotron Radiation, Novosibirsk
International Tomography Centre, Novosibirsk
International Centre for Catalysts Characterization and Testing, Novosibirsk
International Centre of Aerophysical Studies, Novosibirsk
Siberian International Centre for Regional Studies, Novosibirsk
International Centre of Socio-Ecological Problems of the Lake Baikal Basin, Ulan-Ude
International Centre of Coal Research, Kemerovo
Siberian International Centre of New Information Technologies in Science and Education, Novosibirsk
Siberian International Centre for Materials Study, Novosibirsk
International Centre for Atmospheric Monitoring, Tomsk

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