The Scientific Potential of Siberia

Kemerovo Research Center


The Kemerovo Region (the area equals 95 thousand sq.km, and the population 3176 thousand people) is the most industrialized region of Siberia. It is known as a supplier of caking coals and iron ore, and one of the most important centres of heavy industry in the Russian Federation. Its reserves of coal equal 725 billion tons of which slightly over 3 billion tons have been extracted by now.

A high rate of industrialization, including industries involved in extracting and processing raw materials, adversely affects the environment quality and human health in this Region.

The Kemerovo Research Centre (KemRC) of RAS SB

Institute of Coal Research
Institute of Carbon Materials Chemistry
Kuzbass Botanical Gardens


Kemerovo Research Institute of Agriculture

Higher Education:

Kemerovo State University
and 4 other institutes

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