The Scientific Potential of Siberia

Krasnoyarsk Research Center

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     Krasnoyarsk Akademgorodok of the Siberian Branch
of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS SB).
Memorial of academic Kirensky.
Krasnoyarsk Territory, the largest in the Russian Federation (its area is 2401 thousand sq.km, and the population 3612 thousand people), stretches almost for 3 thousand km on both sides of the Yenisey River from the mountain ranges of South Siberia to the coast of the Arctic Ocean.

Its natural resources like forests, coal (KanskAchinsk Basin) and non-ferrous metals (Norilsk), hydro-power (Sayan-Shushenskaya and Krasnoyarsk Hydro-Power Plants, the greatests in the country), and oil are the cornerstone of the economy of this Territory. Some industries have caused serious environmental problems.

The Krasnoyarsk Research Centre of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (KRC RAS SB) includes:
Institute of Biophysics
Sukachev Institute of Forestry
United Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology involving:
Institute of Chemistry of Natural Organic Materials
Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Metallurgy Processes
Kirensky Institute of Physics
Krasnoyarsk Computing Centre
Department of High-Disperse Materials Physics

Institutes of RAAS SB:

Krasnoyarsk Research Institute of Agriculture
Krasnoyarsk Research Designing
Tecnotogical Institute of Animal Husbandry


Institute of Nordic Medical Problems

Higher Education:

Krasnoyarsk State University
and 6 other institutes

The Organ Hall

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