The Scientific Potential of Siberia

Omsk Research Center


Pobeda Boulevard.
Monument of the Glory of Heroes from Omsk.
     The second largest city in Siberia (1,15 min inhabitants) represents a very important industrial complex. The share of petrochemical and chemical industries here is 40 per cent, of machinebuilding up to 33 per cent.

The Omsk Region.(its area is 140 thousand sq.km, and the population 2151 thousand people) is a large producer of meat, corn and milk.

The Omsk Research Centre (ORC) of RAS SB:
Omsk Branch of the Institute of Catalysis
Institute of Sensor Microelectronics
Institute of Information Technologies and Applied Mathematics

Institutes of RAAS SB:

Siberia Research Institute of Agriculture
Research Institute of Brucellosis and Tuberculosis of Agricultural Animals

Higher Education:

Omsk State University
and 9 other institutes

The Dramatic Theatre.

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