The Scientific Potential of Siberia

Tomsk Research Center


     Tomsk. The Apartment House (XIX century)

Oil and gas are the main natural resources of the Tomsk Region (the area is 317 thousand sq.km, and the population 1009 thousand people). Petrochemical industry with a giant oil-refinery complex, mechanical engineering and woodworking industries play the central role in the economy of Tomsk.

Last century Tomsk used to be called "Siberian Athens", as it was the first town in Siberia where a university was opened (1880).

The Tomsk Research Centre (TRC) of RAS SB includes:
Institute of Ecology of Natural Complexes
United Institute of Atmospheric Optics involving:
Institute of Atmospheric Optics
"Optika" Institute of Design and Technology
Institute of Petroleum Chemistry
United Institute of Heavy-Current Electronics
Institute of Heavy-Current Electronics
Technological Design Institute of Heavy-Current Electronics
Institute of Strength Physics and Material Science

The Tomsk Research Centre of RAMS SB includes:

Institute of Cardiology
Institute of Oncology
Institute of Psychic Health
Institute of Pharmacology
Institute of Medical Genetics

Higher Education:

Tomsk State University
and 6 other institutes

Tomsk University.
The Forerunner of Higher learning in Siberia

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