The Scientific Potential of Siberia

Tyumen Research Center


Tyumen Region (its area is 1435 thousand sq.km, its population 3135 thousand people) is a vitally important fuel-power base of the Russian Federation and of the Commonwealth of Independent States; a large oil and gas exporter. This region of West Siberia is characterized by a unique combination of severe climatic conditions, natural resources, extremely vulnerable environment, and extreme anthropogenic impact on the environment, and by complicated regional socio-political and economic problems.     
Railway Station.

The Tyumen Research Centre (TRC) of RAS SB includes:
Institute of the Earth Cryosphere
Institute of Northern Development
Institute of Multi-Phase Systems Mechanics

Institutes of RAAS SB:

Research Institute of Agriculture of North Urals
Research Institute of Land Improvement and Rational Use of Nature
Institute of Clinical and Prophylactic Cardiology
Higher Education:
Tyumen State University
and 4 other institutes
Tobolsk, Tyumen region
The old Kreml (XVI century).

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