Euromath Network and Services for the New Independent States

Siberia and Far Eastern Region

General Information about Project
Structure, partners, activities and work programs for NIS.
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EmNet project
Siberia and Far Eastern Region
Novosibirsk EmNet Center: structure, partners, plans and results.
EmNet Project of Region 5
Region Siberian and Far Eastern.
The Project EmNet, Region 5 Leaders.
The Project EmNet, Region 5 Partners.
     Mathematics on the WWW-pages
     Workshop Electronic Publications - 96 (El-Pub-96) - Novosibirsk April 16-18 1996.
     Workshop Electronic Publications - 97 (El-Pub-97) - Novosibirsk April 24-26 1997.
     Workshop Electronic Publications - 98 (EPS4SE-98) - Pereslavl-Zalesskii, May 12-14 1998.
EmNet/NIS Project Calendar 1996-1997
Participants' reports for 1995-1996

The Project Technical Coordinator for Siberia and the Far Eastern
Professor A.M. Fedotov
© 1996, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences