Институт вычислительной математики
и математической геофизики

The International Conference on Computational Mathematics

List reports

Number of reports: 233


  1. Sabinin V., Ronquillo-Jarillo G., Chichinina T. Numerical model of seismic wave propagation in viscoelastic media

  2. Saenko V.V. Simulation of isotropic stable and fractional stable vectors and calculation their probability densities (abstract in russian)

  3. Sazhenkova E., Chumakova N. An Effective Method of Numerical Construction of Autowave Solutions for 1-D Models of Processes in Catalytic Reactors (abstract in russian)

  4. Semin L.G. Collocation and least-squares method for 2d heat conduction equation

  5. Shakenov K.K. The decision of a Neumann's task for the Helmholtz equation by Monte Carlo methods (abstract in russian)

  6. Shalimova I., Sabelfeld K. and Levykin A. A random walk on fixed spheres and ellipsoids for boundary value problems

  7. Shapeev A.V. Mixed spectral and finite-difference discretization (abstract in russian)

  8. Shapeev V.P. Implicit finite-difference scheme with approximation error $O( au^4,h^8)$ for the heat conduction equation ()

  9. Shary S.P. Interval existence tests for systems of nonlinear equations

  10. Shirobokov N.V. Third and Fourth Order's Evolutionary Equations Spliting

  11. Shishkin G.I. Robust high-order accurate numerical methods for singularly perturbed problems

  12. Shishkina L.P. The Richardson method of high-order accuracy in $t$ for a quasilinear singularly perturbed parabolic reaction-diffusion equation on a strip

  13. Shtyrina O.V., Fedoruk M.P. Numerical simulation and optimization fiber links with optical regenerators

  14. Shumilov B.M., Karlova I.V. Recurrent and forecasting spline-filters of 1-st and 2-nd orders

  15. Shurina E.P., Gelber A.V. An analysis of vector and scalar FEM for modeling non-stationary electromagnetic fields

  16. Shurina E.P., Gelber M.A. Investigation of vector finite element method for modeling time-harmonic electromagnetic fields

  17. Sidorov A., Plavnik A. Solution of partial differential equations with methods of spline approximation ()

  18. Simonov N.A., Mascagni M. Random walk algorithms for estimating electrostatic properties of large molecules

  19. Sirochenko V.P. The application of the fictitious domain method to equations of hydrodynamics written in terms of velocity, vorticity and temperature (abstract in russian)

  20. Sizikov V.P., Razumov V.I. Algorithnic models of systems (abstract in russian)

  21. Skorospelov V.A., Turuk P.A. Peculiarities of mathematical modelling of curves and surfaces by cubic parametric splines (abstract in russian)

  22. Smagin S.I. О численном решении задач дифракции в интегральных постановках ()

  23. Smelov V.V. On approximation of piecewise smooth functions by a small number of specific base functions

  24. Soloveichik Yu.G., Persova M.G., Petrov R.V. Calculation Of Electrodynamic Processes In Motors With Moving Parts

  25. Soloveichik Yu.G., Persova M.G., Trakimus Yu.V. The use of vector and scalar fem for calculating the three dimension non-stationary field of a vertical current line in solving electrical survey tasks

  26. Soloveichik Yu.G., Royak M.E., Persova M.G., Abramov M.V., Seleznev A.N. The 3D electromagnetic fields finite element modeling using edge-elements on irregular meshes

  27. Soloviev S.A. The numerical solution of non-linear system of electromagnetic and magnitostatic problem (abstract in russian)

  28. Startchenko A.V. Parallel Numerical Algorithms for Solution of Navier-Stockes Equations and Transport Equations ()

  29. Stavtsev S.L. Some features of the numerical decision of problems of distribution of a sound in fine water on the basis of the integral equations (abstract in russian)

  30. Surodina I.V., Epov M.I., Martakov S.V. 3-D mathematical modelling harmonic electromagnetic fields for electromagnetic logging in inclined and horizontal borecholes

  31. Sushkevich T.A. Characteristics of transfer equation in multidimensional spherical phase domain (abstract in russian)

  32. Sushkevich T.A., Vladimirova E.V. About application of asymptotical solutions of radiation transfer equation at optically thick layers (abstract in russian)

  33. Suzdalova L.V. The numerical realization of mathematical models of crystallization and their appendix in electroarc welding

  34. Sveshnikov V.M. Element-oriented technology for calculation of the charged particle trajectories

  35. Sveshnikov V.M. Расчет плотности тока эмиссии и объемного заряда в задачах численного моделирования электронно-оптических систем

  36. Tarasov I.A, Pertsev N.V. Numerical solution of integral model of populations dynamics (abstract in russian)

  37. Tcheverda V.A. L_2 seismic inversion in connection with prestack migration ()

  38. Tikhonova O. Numerical solution nonlocal problem for equation of wave (abstract in russian)

  39. Timerbaev M.R. Optimal convergence FEM for boundary value problem with degeneration on a boundary

  40. Timofeeva T.S. About one difference method of the decision of a problem of a biphase three-componental filtration (abstract in russian)

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